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2013 - 14 International Baccalaureate Program Information Files
Information for Parents and Students
Student Testimonials
In this folder, several students share how their experiences in the IB Diploma Program helped them make the transition to their post high school education and careers.

You will also find information about what United States and International students do "post IB" with their studies and lives in the Global Destination Survey documents.
University Testimonials and Recognition Policies
Follow the link to see videos of university officials speaking on the benefits of an IB education. Also, there is a link to find information on the policies of a given institution with respect to credit granted for IB coursework.
AHS IB Information 2014.pdf
General Information about the IB Program at Aspen High School. Freshmen and Sophomores preparing to take IB courses and their parents should be familiar with this information.
This document contains information about what United States students do "post IB" with their studies and lives.
IB - A Strong Predictor of Success in College.pdf
How do success in IB and success in college correlate?
IB Math Parent Night 011111.ppt
This powerpoint gives some information relevant to deciding which IB Mathematics course is appropriate for your student.
IB Poster- 10 Reasons.pdf
10 reasons why IB education is excellent preparation for college.
Mission Statement and Learner Profile.pdf
What is the mission of the International Baccalaureate? What characteristics do we want IB students to possess and cultivate? This document has the answers!
Myths and Facts, Learner Profile.pdf
This document helps to clarify some misconceptions that parents and students may have about the IB program at AHS and summarizes the learner profile for students taking IB courses.
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