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IB Examination Invoices Have Been Sent!
Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:

Invoices for the May 2014 Examination Session were mailed out on Friday, October 24th.  Aspen High School goes into significant debt to prepay these examination fees on behalf of students.  We invoice families to recoup the cost of the examinations, and do not retain any of the invoiced funds.  Consequently, we ask that you pay the fees promptly by November 1st.  After November 15th, any changes to registrations, including drops, additions or changes from HL (higher level) to SL (standard level) or vice versa may incur additional fees.

Even if you are unable to pay your fees at this time, it is important that you communicate to the IB Coordinator (Ian Wagner at 970.429.3536 or whether the invoice details are correct as outlined in the instructions you received.
 In this way, we can confirm details before additional fees begin for amending them.  Scholarships and payment plans are available to families who need them.  Please use the form included with the invoice if this applies to you and return promptly.

Thank you for your help with meeting our financial obligations toward the IB examinations!

The IB Assignment Calendar
Teachers are sharing a google calendar this year in order to avoid having more than 2 major assessments, projects, presentations or other assignments due on a given day.  This would not include routine quizzes or assignments, including those done as practice for major assessments.  

Refer to your teachers' classroom pages for specific dates for examinations, assessments and projects.  To see when internal assessments are due, please refer to the 2013-14 Internal Assessment (IA) Calendar Document below.
Informational Documents
 IB General Information
Look here for information about the International Baccalaureate and its mission.
 IB Registration and Courses at Aspen High School
Registration forms for students entering IB courses, and informational documents related to specific IB courses offered at Aspen High School.
 Information for Parents and Students
If you are considering having your student enroll in IB courses, or currently have a student in IB and want more information, look here.
 May 2014 Examination Session Information
Includes a schedule and a scale of fees.
 TCAP Week March 2014
Included are a schedule of IB academic sessions and the teachers conducting them. In developing the schedule, conflicts were minimized, but in some cases, students will need to contact teachers to determine how best to use the academic sessions when conflicts occur. Some students will have language oral assessments and/or English writing conferences on either or both of the dates (Wednesday 3/5 and 3/12) and should attempt to arrange these as best they can around their other academic sessions.
 Transcript Request
This folder contains a document that students must fill out before the end of the school year and submit to the IB Coordinator in order to have IB examination results send to the college(s) or university(ies) of their choosing. STUDENTS PLANNING TO STUDY ABROAD MUST HAVE THESE SUBMITTED TO THE IB COORDINATOR BY APRIL 15, 2014.
 Internal Assessment Calendar AHS 2013 - 14.pdf
This document gives the approximate deadlines for internal assessments (IA) for each IB course.
+ Wagner, Ian
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